Friede in Hochformat

Heike Geist is a theologian influenced by the Mennonites and the baptism movement. She completed her studies in Germany and wrote her Doctor-of-ministry thesis about "Re-entry and Belonging" at the Tyndale Seminary in Toronto/Canada. She's been a teacher at the training and conference center Bienenberg for many years, built up and lead a school for discipleship and put her whole heart into supporting and giving advice to young people. She shares her belief, that we are invited as Christians to show symbolically, what God has in mind for this world with many people.
Max Schaffenberger studied drama and dance as well as educational theory in Bern. At the moment he is working intensively on his master degree in theatre education. He gathered artistic experience in the area of children's and youth theatre, Journalism and writing screen play, being involved in youth ministry as well as in different dramaturgic and theatre educational projects. Even though "Peace maker" is very different to his theatrical work so far, he finds the story of a boy, picking up the trail of a divine peace plan, as exciting.
Larry Leuenberger is graphic designer with his heart and soul. Born in the USA he studied graphical art in Colorado and Illinois, completing with a Master of Fine Arts in graphic design. Visual communication is his passion. He is happy to use his talents and skills to spread the Gospel. The project "Peace maker" is an opportunity to do this in a creative way.
Eric Oberli delved into the world of film 13 years ago. This passion turned into a calling, which continued to grow by developing numerous projects and mastering many challenges.
Through cutting films and making postproductions, new exciting and creative possibilities opened up. In the project "Peace maker", where innovation and know-how is needed, he sees the opportunity to point out a peaceful alternative and hope.
Max Wiedmer studied agriculture and videography, took theological classes and has been leading his own video production company since 1990. The theme of peace occupies him as an artist too. In "The Radicals" (the story of the beginning of the Anabaptist movement) he was production manager. 2002 he made a long-spot for the "ecumenical council of churches" for the "decade to overcome violence". With "Peace maker" he realized the idea of a short film, that carries the potential of a full-length documentation drama within. It picks up the divine peace plan, as is shown in the Bible, and can be put into practice today.
Karen Braun is a trained occupational therapist. She studied at the Seminary Bienenberg. She's mother of two children and in her role as a family manager she's often asked to act as a peacemaker. She is convinced that God's "rules of the game" for our lives are still red-hot today and make a good tool to deal with conflicts in a good way, so that living in peace with our fellow men and creation is possible.
Thomas Haenggi. studied music at the conservatory Basel majoring the flute. Training to be a banker. Studies of modern church music. Numerous compositions and settings (sound design/language) for the industry, advertisement, film documentations, theatre, movies and so on followed. Two years of bible school. Further studies/trainings with a degree: Orchestration (Alexander-University, Petersburg, Virginia), Soundtrack-Composer, Game-Sound-Designer. Professional Audio Engineer.
Prisca Haenggi completed three years of studying acting after finishing commercial educations. She was engaged in different theatres and numerous projects. For many years she's been self-employed as a professional speaker for industry, advertisement, theatre, film, radio, TV etc. Two years of bible school at the Gospel Training Center in Brugg. She's married and has a grown up son. Together with her husband Thomas she runs her own company.
  All persons mentioned above have in common, that they make their skills, talents, resources and experiences available for the project "Peace maker", to bring the saving message of the Bible to the people and to show, that solidarity, lived reconciliation and hope are not empty words.
The peace of Christ is not an achievement or acquisition, but a gift.